March 24, 2007

The jersey problem

So I have a really stupid problem.

I'm actually not the first person to have this problem. Unlike Miss Chatter (and more power to her), however, I feel obligated to make a change.

Nate, Watson and I went into the 2005 season committed to the whole deal -- we were going to be fans, and do it right. So we all went out and bought jerseys. Nate wears Guzman (are you surprised by the inventor of Guzmania?), Watson wears Johnson, and I bought Wilkerson. Yeah, I lose on this one, don't I?

Nate suffered through 2005 with his boy Gooz, and then patiently sat through 2006 anticipating 2007 and 2008. I say the whole Gooz abides bits are really so he can get more mileage out of the damn jersey.

Watson gets the straight and level path with Johnson -- he's always there, at least. Even with injury now, you see Nick in workouts, and you know he's a going to be with the team.

I made the decision partly into the 2006 season that I was going to get another jersey. The issue really was two fold: 1) who to get a jersey for and 2) would the team change the jerseys for the 2007 season as a way to make some cash and be able to make another round of changes in 2008. With that logic, I held off buying last season, under the guise of the grace period, by ruling of Watson and Nate. Since I really only have to worry about embarrassing them, they gave me a pass.

I almost pulled the trigger on the red alternate jersey last year, but being as there weren't players available on it, I held off.

So here we are going into 2007. I have to make a firm decision this week on what the hell to do, especially for Opening Day. I feel, as a fan, that I just can't show up in the Wilkerson jersey. That has the be retired for a while.

If you puruse the Nats website, you find a really, really short (or lame) set of options. In fact, let's take a quick look. If ordering online, your options are Chad Cordero (a good choice), or Livan!!. For those who haven't been watching, Livan doesn't even play for our team anymore!

I need to swing over to Modell's and see what they have, but their website offers little hope. Besides the same two I listed, I could mimic Watson and go with Nick Johnson, available only in the home variety, unlike Livan, who you can get in Home and Away.

If you look at BP, appreantly, we have only one option -- Zimm. Nate observed to me that this is truely the safe choice, but I feel is really somewhat lame. I'm making a half-assed attempt to be a distinguishing fan, not a 12 year old picking the easy choice.

Does this leave me to choose Cordero? If I do, will I end up wearing the jersey of a Colorado Rockie within the season?

I'm half tempted to get a personalized jersey that says "The Plan" or "Draft Pick" or something along those lines. Of course, it wouldn't be ready for Opening Day, and I'd be wearing my Wilkerson jersey.

What is a fan to do this season?


Twins Territory said...

Not sure if you would want to do this, but if you go to custom jersey's, they have a list of every player on the team that you can choose from.

Dave said...


Not a bad idea... but the problem on the Nats is, who do you put on the jersey?


JW said...

Who to put on a Nats jersey? Zimmerman, to state the obvious, or maybe Schneider. But something seems odd about Ken Rosenthal's Rockies and Cordero rumor, if he's saying a 3rd baseman is among the types of prospects the Nats would target.

Nate said...

Bah, this is an easy one. The answer is Josh Wilson. But be sure to get the J, you wouldn't want it mistaken for a Preston "F***in" Wilson jersey.

Other acceptable answers include a Dmitri Young Tigers throwback and a customized "Actavate" jersey.

Dave said...

I think I might have to put "The Plan" on a jersey.

Nate said...

You know you want a Kasten jersey.

Brandon Kriner said...

If you get "The Plan" on the jersey you better make the number 08.

You could check out the pathetic Nats team store in White Flint mall. I went there last weekend. They have all kinds of jerseys of long-gone players that you can get. Vinny Castilla, anyone?

I think it's actually cool to wear the Wilkerson jersey. He was one of the more memorable members of the 2005 squad, which we'll always remember fondly for being the first team back here.

Dave said...

Does this mean I'm getting a pass for a second year? :)

MissChatter said...

I too feel like it's time for a new jersey. The Bennett thing is passe now. But Mr. C spent so much money on it! I like THE PLAN 08 idea for you! I don't know who I'd get either. Church? Who knows how long he'll be around. Schneider? Ha, maybe I should get "MISSCHATTER" (snicker).

Dave said...

I'm going to stop by Modells this morning and see what is in the store. I'll report back. ;)

Chris Needham said...

I'm late to the party, but I think you have to go completely ironic.

Get a customized Rick Short one.

Nate said...

Completely ironic is my territory Needham.