March 28, 2007

Jersey stupidity, part 2

This is almost becoming an epic. Not only should I be working and not blogging, I shouldn't have done this effort today. Let's do both.

I stopped by Modells between client visits today. To their credit, they have a very impressive collection of Nats merchandise (lots of hats, shirts, boxers, etc), and so I was hopeful this might be the answer to the jersey question. Oh, was I wrong.

They do have a lot of jerseys, in terms of quantity of units of clothing hanging on the rack. They are available in three basic varieties -- the Home, the Away, and the red alternate (with the DC lettering). None of the new blue BP/Spring Training collection.

Here's what was particularly amusing. Your player selections:

  • Armas
  • Guillen
  • Wilkerson (both authentic and replica!)
  • Guzman -- and wow, did they have a lot!
  • Majewski
  • Vidro

For the record, there was not a SINGLE Zimmerman jersey available. In fact, there was not a single jersey available for a player that actually PLAYS for the Nats. Not a one. The helpful store clerk remarked on the fact that they were hoping to get some Zimmerman jerseys, and agreed with my assessment that there really weren't any good choices.

Now, you can get each of the jerseys without a player name. I picked up the red alternate jersey, with no player, for a mere $20 on sale. I'll be wearing it to the Exhibition game on Saturday.

I'm going to shop the team store in RFK on Saturday. This is getting actually amusing, and something of a quest. The customized "The Plan" jersey idea will run me $250. I'm giving it some serious thought.


El Gran Color Naranja said...

"In fact, there was not a single jersey available for a player that actually PLAYS for the Nats."

I'd say the same thing about Guzman

Nate said...


Dave said...

Yeah, I realized that late last night.

I could debate about Guzman -- I mean, he didn't play at all for 2006.

I think my overall point still stands.

Anonymous said...

Which Modells is this that sells the Red alt jerseys for just $20??

dl004d said...

It's surprising to me that people haven't figured out that a better inventory might MAKE THEM MORE MONEY. The market economy is supposed to work better than this.

Dave said...

The Modells in Springfield Mall, for those looking.

tadcranky said...

I went to the Nats store right after it opened and asked them when they'd get some Zimmerman jerseys. They said by Christmas, but I forgot to ask which year. Stan Kasten is a marketing genius.

They still have that Damien Jackson bat, though.