March 2, 2007

We've Got Game!

Dodgers 12, Nationals 7

Sure, it was a loss. And no, it wasn't close. But we ought to start getting adjusted to that, dontchathink? More importantly, it was Nationals Baseball! It's really sort of embarrassing how happy I was to hear Charlie and Dave 2.0 call that first pitch. I had to time my lunch break so I'd be in the car to catch WaPo radio. (My office has some bias against streaming media that I've never bothered to fully investigate.)

So what can one spring training game tell you? Absolutely nothing. But that would make this a short post. And I don't do short posts. So let us extrapolate wildly from tiny available samples.
  • Shawn Hill didn't embarass himself. Avoiding embarrassing 3-inning, 8-run outings is going to be key for the Nats starters this season. So good for Shawn. He makes the starting rotation.

  • D'Angelo Jiminez makes Cristian Guzman look like Ozzie Smith. He handled the bat well, but might as well have taken it into the field with him for all the good his glove did. We'll stash D'Angelo in Columbus and call him Utility Infielder Plan B should something go terribly wrong with Ronnie Belliard.

  • Manny Acta should consider electronic monitoring bracelets on outfielders who attempt to take the extra base. Do you see a crusty old Hall of Famer in the dugout? Do you hear snoring? No? Then this isn't Frank Robinson's team any more. Play smart on the bases.

  • Kearns-Church-Snelling. Say it with me people. Kearns-Church-Snelling. This is the Nationals best outfield. You know it. I know it. Let's hope Manny figures it out. If you must keep Nook, he'll be a fine pinch bunter/pinch runner/defensive sub... off the bench.

  • Larry Broadway doesn't have to be great, he just has to not hit into inning-ending DPs.

  • 22-year old relievers have minor league options for a reason. Use them.

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