May 15, 2006

Success -- how far along (or behind) are we?

So, time for a little summary of where we are vs. Success:

For the team....

1. During the season, at least one 6 game winning streak.

This one is somewhat funny. When two game winning streaks are considered good for the team, we're really sucking.

2. Not to be mathematically eliminated before Sept 5 (which does happen to be my birthday).

Considering we're pretty much considered eliminated. Listening to MLB Home Plate the other day, we were squarely compared with the Pirates and the Fish. Thus, we suck. I'm still hoping that item 1 might happen and we have a hot month.

3. Nick Johnson to only be on the DL at total of 20 days or less.

Now here is a success criteria we might hit. So far, so good.

4. Chad Cordero has 20 saves or more. Being conservative, but trying!

With the team as bad as it is, Chief is getting very little opportunity. He currently has 3. At our current rate of production, we're looking at 18 or so -- so we're not too far off here.

5. John Patterson has a record that includes 12 wins. Hoping for run support, this is more than last year

Injury has taken away this bright spot -- who currently has one win. With a June 1 return, he'll have to be on fire to hit this.

6. Guzmania delivers a Batting Average better than .260, and hits 30 dingers. I'm trying to recreate 2004 for him. If he hits Nate's predictions, so much the better.

So this one will just... not... happen.

7. Zimmerman delivers, and we see a solid ball player.

Still a little early to tell, isn't it? So far so good.

For Dave

8. Attendance at 15 games.

Currently at two. However, I'm planning to be at all three this weekend against the O's.

9. Chipwich's at at least 5 games.

At this point, service is so bad at RFK that my quest for ice cream has been foiled so many times. It wasn't served early in April, and on the recent game I went to on May 3, ice cream stopped being served in the 7th inning. So I missed it. Damn you Aramark! Food service has been so awful, I can barely say anything.

10. One entry into Coyote Ugly after a game


11. One night of total stupidity at the ball park, involving not driving and a lot of beer.

Perhaps this weekend. :)

12. A win on Jun 24, just to have some personal gratification on beating the Orioles while at Camden Yards decked out in Nats gear.

TBD. :)

Maybe this weekend will be the energy we all need. One can hope.


Nate said...

Stay tuned for Dave's follow-up post: What is Failure and Abject Humiliation?

Dave said...

That certainly does seem to be the theme, huh?