May 17, 2006

More monopoly stupidity

Ok, Nats fans, excuse me for a moment while I call bullshit on another monopoly that has pulled another round of crap with another team I happen to care about.

According to the NCAA, as reported in, William & Mary (which happens to be Watson and my alma mater) is barred from holding NCAA events due to it's mascot/name, the "Tribe".

This, despite the research and support of local Native American groups, and also in spite of Florida State, with it's much devisive mascot and logo, being allowed to retain theirs.

Besides the facts that the mascot of the Tribe was the very lame Colonel Ebirt ("Tribe" spelled backwards), and who was retired already, and the logo of the "W" and "M" intertwined with feathers (viewable on the W&M athletics site) is just about as generic as you can get, I just don't see how the NCAA thinks this makes any sense. Let's allow schools that can pay off Indian tribes and who blatantly use Indian logos, but screw a smaller (and I might point out, actual academically focused) school.

As we talk about monopolies, let's recognize that all kinds of stupidity is going on all around us. Not that I'm bitter. Our MLB overlords are not the only monopoly that looks only to money to talk.

Thanks to Adam for the initial link.


Nate said...

No worries Dave, this one's easy. Sometime next month W&M will introduce their new mascot, Havard Law professor and noted legal theorist Laurence H. Tribe.

Then Tribe and The Tribe can file suit against the NCAA. (FYI - Tribe & The Tribe also a great band name.)

Dave said...

It could also be an 80's cop show.