May 25, 2006

Flashes of Brilliance

Last night's Nats game was a joy to watch. You had a great pitchers duel between Roy Oswalt who's stuff was absolutely filthy and rookie Mike O'Connor who put together six innings of three hit baseball. O'Connor would have pitched the seventh if not for one of the randomest plays I've seen in awhile.

In the bottom of the sixth with Damian Jackson on third, Oswalt inexplicably balked. He started home then fell off the mound toward third. After the inevitable conference with the umpires, Jackson was awarded home. That made it a 1-1 game and gave the Nats a little hope.

The Nats took that hope and used it to beat vaunted Astros closer Brad Lidge upside the head. The bottom of the 8th was a clinic in clutch hitting and good execution. Even Frank's using Ramon Ortiz as a pinch runner was the right call.

It was great to see our boys play solid ball. This team has its problems but a few performances like that could be the catalyst of a great summer for Nats fans.


Nate said...

Tom? Tom Boswell? Is that you?!!


Watson said...

It really was a great game to watch.