January 12, 2009

They Grow 'Em Big Down on the Farm

Sure, the HOF vote came out today, and yes, Blyleven got screwed again, but Nats fans have weightier issues to contend with this offseason. Official WaPo Nationals "beat writer" Chico Harlan takes time of from researching his groundbreaking 15-part expose on competitive yak calling to drop some Nats knowledge on us.

Apparently top P-Nats 1B prospect Chris Marrero was a wee bit hefty last year. Also described as "fleshy", "doughy", chunky, pudgy, rotund, stout and thickset, Marrero came in to last season at 235 lbs and proceeded to eat his way through the greater Woodbridge, Virginia pizza delivery market. NTP has obtained this file photo of Chris at a post-game buffet following a victory over Winston-Salem:

You know those cabs are just empty calories, right?

Some bloggers would take this opportunity to point out the myriad failures in this situation, from Marrero himself to the Potomac training staff to the big league club that apparently can't be bothered to keep an eye on it's top prospects and is too cheap to spring for a nutritionist, or failing that, a salad shooter. But that's not my style. I prefer to think that Chris Marrero was simply continuing a franchise tradition.

He looked at Nick Johnson and saw that 235 lbs wasn't enough weight to protect a first baseman from a broken leg, so he packed on five extra pounds. He looked at Dmitri Young and saw a two-time All Star and Comeback Player of the Year, so he added five more. He looked at Ray King, saw a total solar eclipse, assumed it was dinner time and... well, you get the idea.

Chris Marrero continues another tradition as well. He joins the long line of Nationals players and prospects, including Jesus Flores and Justin Maxwell who are "expected to be in shape for the start of Spring Training next month."

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