January 16, 2009

How NOT to Get By on $394,000 a Year

Times are tough all over, I get that. But WTF, man?

Some quick math: $394,000 minus

  • 5% for the agent ($19,700) = $374,300
  • 30% for the tax man ($118,200) = $256,100
  • Child support @ $6,527/mo ($78,324) = $177,776

So that's roughly $175K after taxes, paying off your agent and child support. No doubt legal fees are eating up a chunk of that, and there's still rent and living expenses to consider, but if Elijah's having trouble making ends meet on the MLB minimum, he needs to reexamine his commitments.

Something just doesn't add up. Or to put it another way...


Kevin said...

Don't forget to account for making it rain, loans to "cousins," hookers painted in Pussy Galore-style 18k gold leaf, and donations to Robert Tilton. Also, the therapy bill must be enormous.

Harper said...

You factored in 12 months of child support, he actually stopped paying in October so he spent closer to $190+ K. I mean 175K sure, that pretty much equals what I spend on hookers and blow on a long weekend, but 190K? Where's that going?

Nate said...

That exchange rate's a b*tch, ain't it Harper? What kills me is that baseball players only get paid April through September, so Dukes is $42K a month in season. Seems like somebody could at least set the guy up a savings account.