January 27, 2009

MASN Suicide

Take Capitol Punishment. Add in a dash of NationalsFanboyLooser. That about sums up my take on the following:

MASN Names Rob Dibble As New Color Announcer for Nationals Baseball

Rob Dibble makes Joe Morgan look the enlightened offspring of Vin Scully and Jack Buck. The Nationals could not have chosen a worse replacement for Don Sutton (leaving for "personal reasons", no doubt including a desire not to work for the Nationals any more) if they had set out to search for the worst announcer in baseball. The Carpenter-Dibble combo gives Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler instant job security.

Even though Dibble is an ex-Red, I'm pretty sure we can't blame Bowden for this one. So for this move, following so closely on the heels of the now famous "Fans don't care about payroll!" soliloquy, let me be the first to say:



Brian said...

I am just glad it isn't Ray Knight.

Dibble is a meathead, no doubt. But I'll take the guy who is most likely to receive multiple FCC fines over a glazed-eyed dullard any day.

Nate said...

Thank goodness you never have to make that choice, because we have both.

Patrick said...

The Nationals don't own MASN, Peter Angelos does. He wined and got the rights to the Nats TV for 25 years. Send your hate mail up north.

Nate said...

Angelos owns MASN, but that doesn't mean that the Nats (and Os) have no input into the broadcasts. That Angelos and MASN suck is a given; this is a new wrinkle.