August 25, 2008

Olympic Daze

I've come out of my Olympic Daze.

It was fantastic. It's fun to watch a team win, and team USA did that for us in spades. Swimming, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, and water polo all are sports I don't give a damn about normally, and I became obsessed. Hell, I'm thinking about buying tickets to go to London in 4 years. There won't be baseball in the Olympics, but who cares!

And I resurface, and besides figuring out what Nate and Watson are doing, I decide to check on the Nats. I had some vague concept of them doing badly, as it seemed like I got a lot of text messages from the team that they lost. I don't remember many wins in there, but I wasn't really looking.

I totalled it up.

The team went 2-14 during the Olympics.

2 wins. 14 losses.

Holy crap.

What the hell happened? I mean, we're bad, I know that, but 2 wins? 14 losses? One game we lost zero to 12!!

Are we even trying?

I'm understanding of the Plan, but does the plan mean we don't field a team? We're not looking to win the World Series, but hell, can we play the game? What if we call up all triple-A guys? Or is that what we've done?

I'm going to the game on Thursday. Somebody brief me.

This seems kinda epic. Just not in the same way the Olympics were.


Nate said...

Remember in Ghostbusters, when Egon told Peter and Ray that crossing the streams would be Bad? This is what he meant.

Dave said...

Cats and dogs sleeping together.

Mass Hysteria.