August 16, 2008

Nate still watching, Dave obsessed with Olympics

So apparently Nate is watching baseball. I will admit that the only baseball I've watched in 8 days was the USA/Cuba game and the USA/Korea game. There's MLB going on? All the basketball stars are playing, and it's not even their season.

I thought all there was is Michael Phelps.

I'm totally obsessed with Olympics. It started watching the opening ceremonies in a hotel bar in Seattle, and went from there. I watched Saturday night when I got back, I watched all day Sunday. I have it on in my office during the day. I've seen all the Phelps wins. I've watched Togo win it's only medal ever. I know details about people and sports I have no interest at all in... well, ever.

It's like a disease.

So I'll leave it in everyone else's hands to watch the Nats sink into oblivion. I'll be back to swill down some beers in late August and September. For now, my sights are on Beijing.

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