August 26, 2008

Giving Voice to the Fans

It seems like there has been a lot more "Nats fans, let your voices be heard!" instigation this year compared to seasons past. Some of that is the sign of a maturing fan base, some of it is spontaneous disgust with The Washington Nationals v. 2008. In any case, there is a significant hue and cry for the average fan in the stands to make his or her opinion known, be it via pointless internet petition, misdirected media-fueled hatred, or hey, self-indulgent blogging!

But there is one way the average fan really can contribute to improving baseball, not just in DC, but everywhere, for all time. GO HERE. FILL OUT THE SURVEY. Vent your spleen at Milledge's circular routes to routine fly balls, or Dmitri's impersonation of a fat Venus de Milo at first base. The more people participate, the better the results will be. Wisdom of crowds and all that. Be sure to read the instructions, and make only those evaluations you feel comfortable with.

And remember, this is for science, so no hopscotching over to the Philadelphia page to tank Pat Burrell's ratings. He's doing just fine on his own.

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