July 22, 2008

Your 2009 Nationals Infield is Set

A Guzman is forever.

GUZMANIA! knows no bounds! The 2-year extension is complete, keeping our resident All-Star and mud-baller in town through the 2010 season. Guzie is well positioned to become the last original National. And more importantly, my jersey gains an additional 24 months of shelf life. Score.
UPDATE: $8M per season. Cristian owes me a new jersey.

In less expected news:

Big Wookiee to 'Zona for 2B Emilio Bonifacio

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

H/T to MissChatter for breaking the story. The Rizzo pipleline that brought us such luminaries as Matt Chico and Garrett Mock has been fired up one more time. Big Jon will be doing hard time in Phoenix, most likely as a setup guy for Brandon Lyon in the DBacks injury-plagued bullpen. It is with a heavy heart that NTP bids farewell to the most recognizable National. The 9th inning just got a whole lot more interesting.

Bonifacio, at least initially, is not an inspiring return. The 23-year old is a career .283/.338/.360 hitter in 6 minor league seasons, but is perhaps better known for his blazing speed and slick glove. Emilio was ranked as Arizona's sixth best prospect before the 2008 season by Baseball America. He likely immediately becomes the Nats best middle infield prospect, and a probable replacement for FLop at second next season.

This move, coupled with the Guzman extension and the loss of Rauch will have ripples across the roster, and I'll likely have a few more thoughts on how thing shake out after an impromptu GUZMANIA-inspired happy hour.


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