July 18, 2008

The Beginning of the End

Wily Mo Pena-Mo-nium's anticipated trip to the DL is a reality, and the team has recalled human doorstop Erik Johnny Estrada from his rehab assignment. With that, here are the position players on the Active Roster as the Nats open the "second half" of the season in Atlanta tonight:


23 Johnny Estrada

3 Jesus Flores

16 Paul Lo Duca

53 Wil Nieves


10 Ronnie Belliard

5 Kory Casto

15 Cristian Guzman

2 Felipe Lopez

4 Pete Orr

21 Dmitri Young


1 Willie Harris

25 Austin Kearns

29 Ryan Langerhans

Too many "catchers"! Too few outfielders!!! Even if you count Casto and Orr as corner outfield utility guys, we're one or two bad hammies away from seeing the "LF Dmitri Young Experiment" put into action before our weeping, paper bag-covered eyes!!1!

Four Things to Watch for in the Second Half: lightning bugs, four-leaf clovers, loose change, September 28th.

But hey, because misery loves company (and makes a mean cocktail) be sure to check out Misschatter's BotB Extravaganza!

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