April 9, 2008

Happiness is a Cold Beer

Dave and I took in Monday's ball game and I discovered something important . . . well, important to me. First off, I'm a beer guy. Which is very different from a beer snob. I love all kinds of beer, dark to light, import to domestic, macro brew to micro brew. RFK had some good choices but I was really looking forward to seeing what would be available at Nationals Park. For comparison, one of my favorite things about Chase Field in Arizona is being able to get Fat Tire Ale. I had read in the Post Beer Madness chat that the Hook and Ladder brewery was the only local brewery represented but I hadn't see any available on opening night. On Monday I discovered that the Baseline Brews stand behind section 223 had Hook and Ladder Golden Ale.

This is the kind of beer I think about when I think of summer. It's a warm golden color with a slightly hoppy taste that is very easy to drink. I have to say it tasted pretty good when I was freezing my tail off along with everyone else on Monday. The only advantage offered by Monday night was my beer stayed cold for the three innings I took to drink it.

Unfortunately it's not all good news. I was a little shocked and a little mad at the $7.50 price tag. Granted this is a good beer but that's the price of a six pack, not one beer. I appreciate the Lerners trying to broaden our choices but those prices take a little fun out of finding the good stuff.

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Nate said...

You, my friend, have never been to FedEx Field, Home of the $7 Coors Light. It's a ballgame. You want to save money, drink the Miller Lite drafts like the rest of us working stiffs.

Beer snob.