April 4, 2008

Getting to the Ballpark

I saw this and wanted to forward it on.

Take the Kegbus to the Ballpark on the weekends.

Watson and I are planning to be at the ballpark on Monday. It's one of the top 10 parks to see.

I have an appointment with the home pest people on Saturday, so no open house for me. I wonder why they cancelled the one tonight.


DCSportsChick said...

I like the Kegbus idea!

Adam said...

Thoughts on the park? How'd you like it? I was there monday also (didnt see your post til now, or else we could have met up). Liked it a lot!

Adam said...

Maybe I should read your blog more. You already commented on the stadium back after opening day. I'm an idiot.

Nate said...

Not an idiot Adam, just a new loyal reader.