January 29, 2008

Catch as Catch Can

First, Humberto Cota and Chad Moeller. Then Paulie LoDown. Now Johnny Estrada (maybe). How in the name of sweet, fancy Moses have Josh Paul and Kelly Stinnett not gotten in on this deal?

In their brief history the Washington Nationals have employed a cavalcade of truly awful backup backstops. With Brian Schneider entrenched in the top spot, perennial blogger obsession Gary "PB" Bennett started the trend. Matt "Stop or I'll Shoot" LeCroy popped in to provide some career lowlights, splitting time with "Where's Wiki" Gonzalez and Brandon "Remember Me?" Harper . Robert Fick was a recurring character until he found his true calling as Dmitri Young's caddy. Even Mike "Girl Burner" DiFelice had a spring cameo.

2007 brought a welcome measure of stability, with Officer Schneider and Rule 5 sensation "Come to Jesus" Flores splitting time behind the plate. But Brian's off to wake up in the city that never sleeps and Flores looks increasingly likely to wake up on Opening Day in Columbus, Ohio Harrisburg, PA. That would leave the Nats with a LoDuca/Estrada platoon, surely one of the most belligerent, defensively challenged catching tandems in recent memory. All for the low, low price of $6.25M and a new MLB record low for caught-stealing percentage.

At least they'll both be gone before 2009.

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