December 10, 2007

The Five Million Dollar Man

"Hey Jerky, my city's professional baseball club can beat up your city's professional baseball club. How do you like them apples?" Other than that I can't think of much upside to adding Paul Lo Duca to the roster. More time for Jesus Flores to "develop", I suppose, though given Lo Duca's reputation for relating to rookies I have a hard time seeing him being the world's best mentor.

Paulie's 1-year, $5M deal will make him one of the highest-paid players on the 2008 Nats. The fact that he's a total farkin' d@#&!&bag will hopefully make him one of the shortest-tenured 2008 Nats. Veteran catchers on one year deals are always good candidates to be flipped at the trade deadline. In the meantime let's be sure that all the hip DC night spots have Lo Duca's picture on their wall o' shame.

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