January 4, 2008

Reason #924 to Reform Immigration

United States immigration policy figures to be a key component of the upcoming Presidential election. Immigration impacts national security, the economy, the perception of America in the world and many other facets of American life. But beyond those macro-level issues there are hundreds of good individual reasons to reexamine our country's immigration practices. Reason No. 924: Keeping Luis Ayala healthy.

In March 2006 Luis was pitching for the Mexican national team in the inaugural World Baseball Classic. He was also rehabbing from offseason elbow surgery. One fateful semi-sidearm pitch spelled the of Ayala's 2006 season. He needed surgery to repair a ligament in his right elbow. Flash forward to the day after Christmas 2007. Luis was on a hunting trip in Mexico with a friend (whereabouts of VP Dick Cheney unconfirmed). Luis's companion apparently mistook the pitcher's left arm for a tasty game bird and clipped him with an errant shot.

Side note:
Ayala's friend's "quick-triggered gun" deserves a place in rhetorical history very nearby Sen. Larry Craig's fabled "wide stance".

By all accounts the injury was minor, poses no long term danger and Luis will be fully recovered in time for Spring Training. But please, for the love of God, can we institute some sort of North American Hunting Visa system, pronto so that Luis can be shot in the face in a proper American hunting accident? The ball's in your court Governor Huckabee.

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