July 6, 2009

See Guzie in St. Louie!

Most of the time GUZMANIA! is it's own reward. Cristian is the Washington Nationals' elder statesman, after all, one of the last links to that magical 2005 team that hooked so many of us on baseball's return to DC. He's been by turns terrible on decent teams and slightly above average on awful squads, but through it all, the Guz abides. He asks for little in return; the ocassional mudball, the boo-sounding "Gooooooooz!" cheer when he strokes a first-pitch single up the middle. His needs are few and simple.

Yet every once in a while, the Guzmaniac finds him or herself in a position to give back to the walking Lasik advertisement that is our starting shortstop. For sometimes Cristian Guzman, the near 2008-NL batting champ, finds himself in position to make a 2nd consecutive All-Star team. Sure, Ryan Zimmerman is a deserving All-Star rep. You can make a good case for Adam Dunn too. But Guzie's the guy on the ballot.

Surely he's more deserving than Mark "5th best 3B in the NL" Reynolds. Shane Victorino just won a World Series, he doesn't need this. Pablo Sandoval is young, he's got plenty of chances to be the last guy voted on to the NL All-Star team. As for Matt Kemp, well... he played half a season with Manny Ramirez. Maybe that's not disqualifying in your book, but on this here blog, it'll do. There you have it. Cristian Guzman, the clean, sober, deserving choice for the 2009 NL All-Star team.

Go here. Click through. Vote now, vote often. GUZMANIA! 2009: Back to Back or Bust!


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