April 17, 2009

Sacrificing Flies

For tonight's series opener against the Marlins, Manny's going with Willingham-Dukes-Dunn left-to-right across the outfield. Let's hope American Hero can live up to his ground-balling tendencies. Otherwise, I fully expect Elijah to be worn out by the fourth inning from covering gap-to-gap.

But, as one of the commentors at Nationals Journal noted, if he keeps the ball down Lannan will have cause to appreciate Anderson and Alberto up the middle with Nick and Ryan at the corners. Couple our best defensive infield with the anticipated offensive support from the outfield and you could have a recipe for success.

Go Nats!


Anonymous said...

I'm dis-bookmarking you since you guys don't post regularly. I know you're just doing it for fun, but I hate checking in just to find a post from April 17. (And the AAA team is no longer Columbus.)

Nate said...

Jeez, you get one measly 10-day jail term and the people turn on you. Feel free to assume to bi-monthly check-in schedule.

Good catch on the Columbus to Syracuse shuffle though.