February 11, 2009

Is It...? Could It Be...?!

UPDATE: It's true! Two sources. Dunn deal.

And Trader Jim finally gets the right former Reds outfielder. Seventh time's the charm, JimBo!

Kearnsy and Dunner, together again. Wily Mo too! What could possibly go wrong? Let the jokes about the Reds outfield of the future begin!


Dave Nichols said...

hey guys, i've added you to my blog roll, would love if you could do same. keep up the good work. looks like we've got something interesting to write about this year.


Nate said...

Dunn and done, Dave.

Harper said...

"Trader Jim finally gets the right former Reds outfielder"

Sweet! Josh Hamilton!

Nate said...

Harper - give it 5 years.