February 13, 2009

Every Time I'm Out, They Drag Me Back In

Toward the end of last season I basically tuned out baseball. The Nationals were horrible and I was fighting for last place in our fantasy baseball league so I just stopped paying attention. It was easier than trying to care. I did watch the World Series but it just took me ten minutes and a trip to Google to remember who won. Then again I might be blocking out the Phillies win.

I spent all winter watching football and I didn't give baseball a second thought. I knew that the Yankees had signed every free agent on the market and I heard that the Nats made an offer to Texeira but it was a blip on my sports radar. Between the ongoing steroid allegations and investigations and the Nats becoming a punchline in the MLB there didn't seem to be any reason to care. I was fully ready to embrace March Madness and the Masters. Baseball could wait.

That was until we signed Adam Dunn.

I'm not foolish enough to think that Dunn is going to be a panacea for this franchise but it's something to get excited about. We finally have a decent bat in the lineup to provide some protection for the guys at the top of the batting order. More importantly, the Lerner's went out and spent some money and it was on the guy that seemed to best fit what we needed. Washington got their man. Boswell over at the Post is even happier than I am.

With baseball being such a long season, a little chemistry and a little luck can make any team competitive. I don't know if Dunn, Willingham, and Cabrera can be the catalyst we need but as spring training rolls around I'm starting to pay attention.

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