September 26, 2007

You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone

The crew here at NTP donned our jerseys and caps Sunday for one last trip to RFK, our beloved dump of a stadium. What can we say about this monument to 1960's architecture and utility that hasn't already been said. Depending on your point of view it's either a gracefully curved monument to Washington's sports history or an unsightly toilet bowl begging to be torn down. I fall firmly into the former category. I personally love the sense of history and former grandeur the place conjures up. This will always be the place were I finally got my own baseball team to root for. Here are some of my personal favorite RFK memories:

  • Almost freezing to death during that first exhibition game in April of 2005.

  • Being on the field during the 45-0 Monday Night Football drubbing of the Detroit Lions to open the 1991 NFL season.

  • Playing hooky to catch a day game with my Dad.

  • Sitting in the stands with Dave and Nate just enjoying the game.

The guys here at NTP bid a fond farewell to RFK. In the immortal words of the great Bob Hope, "Thanks for the Memories".

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