September 28, 2007

Flushing Queens. What a Splendid Idea.

Under the category of kicking the Mets while they're down: Manny gets a contract extension! Even if it weren't soundly deserved, locking up the ex-Mets third base coach through 2009 is a nice little bonus kick in the shins to New Yorkers who are calling their own managerial situation into question. I don't have anything against Willie Randolph, he managed a talented ballclub into first place in the National League for most of the season. There's no doubt that the Mets picked a terrible time to hit the skids though, and should they find themselves home on the couch in October you gotta believe somebody's head will roll.

By my count, in the last year the Nats have lifted two of the Mets best young talents: Manny Acta and catcher Jesus Flores. As we all know, the only thing better than acquiring young talent is picking a division rival's pocket to get it. Congratulations Manny! Let's provide some balm for the Mets wounds by taking it to the Phillies. Just watch out for flying batteries!

IN OTHER NEWS: If you haven't seen it, Capitol Punishment ends the National League third base Gold Glove discussion. The Nats should send this highlight reel out league-wide, pronto. Win one for the Fielding Dutchman!

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