April 2, 2007

Surely Media Stardom Awaits

Every once in awhile being stuck in traffic at 11:30 in the morning results in mass media exposure. As fate would have it, while the rest of the Natosphere was sipping cocktails and scarfing down bagels at MissChatter's tailgate, I was parked on 395 with the teeming masses of humanity who responded to Stan Kasten's pleas for Opening Day attendance. (I'm sure the fact that it was a beautiful 80 degree day had nothing to do with the last second mass migration to RFK.)

In any case, I missed out on the free nosh, and on being interview for the Post's premier cable television flackfest, but I did score some column inches from
Bog-Meister Dan Steinberg, who looks exactly as scruffy and disheveled as a new papa ought. Dan had some hard-hitting, investigative journalist-style questions about the soon-to-be-worldwide phenomenon known simply as GUZMANIA! You can read all about it here, though you won't find it anywhere in the ink-and-paper edition (massively overpriced at $0.35.)

Chatting with Dan did cause me to miss the first pitch, though a few innings later I'd just as soon have missed the whole game. And no sooner did I get done singing the praises of the new-and-improved '07 Guzman then he puts up an 0-fer and
pulls a hammy. Shades of 2006. So that shows you what my support will do for you. (In case you're wondering, I'm voting for the Kucinich-Hunter ticket in '08. Go team!)

Most of the rest of what I have to say about yesterday's game is unprintable. Suffice it to say that I agree with
Dave's assessment. It feels like things at RFK are sliding into reverse.


El Gran Color Naranja said...

If you don't stop supporting Guzman soon he's going to break Zimmerman's hand with a baseball bat because he "looked at me wrong" and he's going to bring a kitten out to SS with him just to bite its head off.

Do you want that on your head? Do YOU?

Nate said...

The Zimmerman thing, no. But give me a second to think about the kitten thing.

Did you see Wilson butcher that flip to 2nd? Did YOU?

El Gran Color Naranja said...

No, didn't see it.

So the Nats have 3 SSs
1)Guzman - can't hit, might be able to field
2)Jimenez - can't field, might be able to hit
3) Wilson - can't hit, can't field

Screw it. Bring on Smiley!

Nate said...

You completely neglected:
4) FLopez - can hit, can't play SS & 2B simultaneously
5) Belliard - might hit, can't move

but hey, this gives Manny two or three weeks to audition the all-offense 2007 Nats and decide if they're better than having GUZMANIA! and a Nookuler deterrent up the middle.

You know JimBo likes this lineup better anyway.