June 28, 2006

Now this is teamwork

Right here.

In our own backyard.


And I quote:

"If we have to go get a free agent, let's go. I'll take a pay cut. I was a second-round pick so I didn't expect to be where I am anyway."

and again

"I want us to be like Dallas, like San Antonio, places where players want to come play."

I don't even follow basketball that much, but damn -- that guy makes a statement. And that's the kind of player you want.

Where's our guy in baseball like that? Where's the Gilbert Arenas of baseball? Of the Nationals?


Nate said...

To be fair, Alfonso Soriano has graciously volunteered to play somewhere else next season, thereby freeing up $10-12M in free agent money.

Basil said...

I'm not sure why there should be a Gilbert Arenas of baseball. There's no cap.

Although I guess you could say a guy who takes a "hometown discount" is one, or perhaps Griffey was back when (he was being paid by Cincy what was considered to be below his market value at the time) or perhaps Frank Thomas last year (paid someting like $1.5M in his final year with the ChiSox, though he was hurt much of the year) . . .