June 5, 2006

Named by Nate: What is Failure and Abject Humiliation?

DM over at the Nats Blog wants to be optimistic. DM, I'm right there with you. I want to enjoy this change of fate, and I want it to be a sign of better things. (I looked for a link, and the WaPost article on upcoming potential player sales isn't quite cheery, but I choose to look at it this way -- we have ownership with a PLAN.)

This is where my perspective on baseball makes things more fun -- you can enjoy a ride and say, "hey, they're winning. Woo hoo!", and the statement ends there. You kick back, smile, and it's a good thing. Add beer and friends, and you've hit the core pieces of my enjoyment of baseball.

So let's take a look at my success criteria. If you don't have your own, even with us in the season, I highly encourage it. As I've been putting together this post, I've felt much better about the team, as we're looking somewhat good against these criteria.

For the team....

1. During the season, at least one 6 game winning streak.

We have four strung together -- twice. This is cause for celebration. Since Friday, May 19, we're 11-5. Livian has won all three of his starts since then. So has Ortiz. (Ortiz even won the game before that, on the 18th). Six is possible.

2. Not to be mathematically eliminated before Sept 5 (which does happen to be my birthday).

I believe this is still a true statement -- while Nate and Chris and others are leveled in reality, I can still say we're not mathematically eliminated. I don't mind concentrating on .500 ball for a while, but the team is heating up nicely, and while I'll agree we're not taking the World Series, teams also shouldn't be viewing us as an easy win on their own road. It's looking like it's more likely we'll win a game than lose one.

3. Nick Johnson to only be on the DL at total of 20 days or less.

So far, so good. He's also batting .294 with an OPS of .948, so not only is he on the field (and not on the DL, he's doing pretty well.

4. Chad Cordero has 20 saves or more. Being conservative, but trying!

Cordero has had 5 saves in that same game series that I quoted earlier. That's 9 so far this year. When he's coming in, things are looking good -- and he's had more chances to do so.

5. John Patterson has a record that includes 12 wins. Hoping for run support, this is more than last year

Well, he certainly has the run support. Let's look at it from that angle. He's also looking to be on his rehab assignment shortly, so we may be seeing the red glove soon again.

6. Guzmania retired for 2006

7. Zimmerman delivers, and we see a solid ball player.

Dutch has the second most AB for the twam, playing in 55 games so far. He's batting .268, and an OPS of .790. Discussions are afoot for Rookie of the Year. I think we're seeing a solid ball player.

For Dave

8. Attendance at 15 games.

So far, 6 games. I've got the itch, and I'm working to change my Friday plans and join Nate on Friday. I'm on the road next week, so I miss the long homestand. That would put me at seven.

9. Chipwich's at at least 5 games.

I think I may be replacing Chipwich's with Soft Serve. That ice cream is damn good, and one of the things I can look forward to at a game.

10. One entry into Coyote Ugly after a game

Well, no love on this so far. I need to find a Wednesday night game, I think.

11. One night of total stupidity at the ball park, involving not driving and a lot of beer.

I had a half night, and the Baltimore weekend was a high point, but so far I haven't quite done this. Not this weekend either -- maybe July.

12. A win on Jun 24, just to have some personal gratification on beating the Orioles while at Camden Yards decked out in Nats gear.

Still TBD.

So here we are. Jun 5, heating up. Coming into a tougher stretch -- Braves and Phils, pause for the Rockies, and then the Yanks. I'm focusing on momentum, as this is a better place to be coming into a harder part of the schedule. I'm feeling good.


Nate said...

You've abandoned the hunt for the wily and elusive Chipwich? I am disillusioned.

Dave said...

Nope, just saying I think the Soft Serve is better.

Watson said...

C'mon what could be better than a frozen solid, crack your teeth hockey puck with freezer burn?