February 9, 2006

What Le Hell?

I've haven't said anything, but my greatest fear for the Nats this season is an insufficient supply of right-handed backup catcher/first basemen. Thank God Trader Jim finally went out and did something about it. Matt LeCroy was signed to a guaranteed 1-yr, $850,000 contract. The font of groupthink that is the Natosphere is generally supportive.

Twins fan-in-exile BallWonk practically wonks all over the page anticipating LeCroy's offensive potential. CapPun ponders a platoon. Question: don't we have enough guys under contract to platoon every position on the field twice? Distinguished Senators is happy, but that could be because he finally got to break out the monkey flinging poo analogy. The Federalist volumizes, crafting a remarkably workable Star Wars connection. Divided loyalties at backup catcher? Misschatter feels your pain.

Far be it from me to buck the herd. I like LeCroy. The Nats need a jolly fat 1B to replace Carlos "Cheeseburglar" Baerga. I'd say this was a great signing, but Marlon, Robert, Damian, Royce, Bernie, Wiki and Michael might disagree. (What? You think Michael Tucker can't play 1B and catch? He's f****n' toolsy!)

Increasingly desperate attempt to discern the future in the chicken entrails of Trader Jim's transactions have given rise to rampant trade speculation:

  • Marlon + Robert + Matt = Nicky takes a walk.
  • Alf + Damian + Marlon = Adios Vidro.
  • Royce + Damian + Jamey = a Goooz cruise.
  • Sammy + Brandon + Michael = Separation of Church and team.

Moving some or all of these guys might be a good idea. But do we really want Jim "Wilkie for Alf? I'll buy that for $12M!!!" Bowden pulling the trigger? Or maybe JimBo's just spinning off an alternate roster that MLB can move to Vegas next season.

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