February 5, 2006

Natosphere News Roundup

I've been remiss in not highlighting some of the very good stuff going on in other Nats blogs this week, especially since I've been reduced to fantasizing about alternate, Bowden-less universes. It may not be breaking news, but if you've been too lazy to check it out, it's news to you:

Ballwonk has
photographic evidence that jerseys over dress shirts is a bad look for everyone, even pro ballplayers. Of course, it looks good on you Jose!

Banks of the Anacostia spent a day attempting to use the
power of positive graphing to get Jose Vidro traded, and followed that up with an inside look (courtesy of Baseball America) at the Nats questionable "strategy" for their 3 first round draft picks. Here's the gist: don't expect to see any of this years picks in DC in September, and be grateful to see them anywhere in the organization by the time the new stadium opens.

Curly W has an update on the
disjointed mess that is the Nats middle infield. It's bitter and jaded; I highly recommend it. Clearly Brandon's transition to the dark side of the Natosphere is complete. Any day now I expect him to become more powerful than we could have possibly imagined.

Federal Baseball has stumbled upon the kind of
cookie cutter format that can carry a blogger for months. Sure he stole the idea from the Oriolistas, but I don't begrudge him that. I just wish I'd thought of it first.

Just a Nats Fan continues to have the most
comprehensive coverage of le affair du stadium, for you masochistic types. Me, I miss the lighthouses.

Nasty Nats wins the rarely awarded Dennis Quaid Cameo prize. Stay tuned next week to see if he turns two by working in a Randy Quaid reference.

Nationals Enquirer is becoming one of my favorite sources for quick hit Nats news, with production values that make Nats Triple Play look like Mrs. Orshansky's 2nd grade class project. Be sure to keep an eye out for their regular "Enquirer Answers the Mailbag!" feature, which could frankly use just a touch more snark.

OMG gets the prize for the most concise analysis of Jim Bowden's management philosophy, and special props for gratuitous Simpsons usage.

Meanwhile, I assume the Nationals Farm Authority boys are still busy redecorating their new home, because they haven't weighed in on these signings. They are however, doing a stellar job keeping the increasingly bloated Nats Big Board up to date.

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