April 27, 2011

Not Dead Yet

Whew, this once a month posting schedule is punishing. Much like watching Chad Gaudin pitch. Which we won't have to do for at least two weeks.

Apparently the enormous sucking force generated by his 6.48 ERA placed an insupportable strain on his shoulder, causing inflammation. Get well, Chad, but not soon. And have your doctor take a look at Doug Slaten too, hmmm? He may have elbow tendonitis, or a prolapsed colon or something, dontchathink?

Coincidentally, Henry Rodriguez is ready to join the big club. God works in mysterious ways. The bullpen may still be shaky, but they just got much more intimidating.


Watson said...

I saw Rodriguez pitch for the first time today. When the catcher can't move fast enough to grab the ball you know that sucker is hauling.

Nate said...

That could also be a side-effect of having a 309-year-old catcher. Love ya, Pudge!