December 12, 2008

Willie Be Worth It?

Harris gets two years, $3M; Redding gets railroaded. Shawn Hill, Scott Olsen, Josh Willingham and Ryan Zimmerman get unpleasantly confrontational salary arbitration proceedings.

Initial reaction?
Swell, another outfielder under contract. Trader Jim does understand that it's impossible to single-handedly create positional scarcity, right?

Secondary reaction? Wee Willie had the season of his career last year, he's due for some regression. That's not usually the kind of projection you want to reward with a doubled salary.

Tertiary reaction? Harris is one hell of a defender and he can play everywhere except behind the plate. $1.5M a year for a super utility man is hardly exorbitant. Utility lefties are pretty easy to trade in a pinch. A good signing.

What about Timmy? Well, it was fun while it lasted. But we're talking about Tim Redding here, kids. Let's not lose perspective. There's always another Esteban Loaiza, Ramon Ortiz or Odalis Perez where he came from.

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