November 21, 2008

Frank Wept

Courtesy of Nationals Farm Authority, meet the new manager of your 2009 Hagerstown Suns!

For those of you with short memories, Matt LeCroy is perhaps best known throughout the Natosphere for causing the unsinkable Frank Robinson to spring a leak in late May 2006.

Details of that unforgettable incident here, photo here:

Let me be the first to welcome Matt back into the fold. A word of warning to the Hagerstown faithful: You probably better just start lining up now for Dollar Hot Dog Night. And God help you if Da Meat Hook hits town on a rehab assignment.


Ironic Goat said...

I caught a foul ball he hit once. He better become a hall of fame manager.

Nate said...

I'm surprised you didn't send the ball straight to the HOF. Their loss.