June 11, 2008

Monday Night Heat

Watson and I made it out for Monday's game. The heat of Hell was on in Washington, and the stadium was no better. But before the team hit the road we figured it would be good to swing by. I had some colleagues in town for a conference from the weekend, so got some extra tickets and headed out.

It was simply too hot to sit in our seats. Just awful heat. And Nationals Park showed what a great place it is to go... we wandered the stadium, watching the game from various vantage points including the Red Loft, and I can say, you can watch the game from just about anywhere. It helps a lot. Ice cream from Giffords, hanging out in the loft, watching from the outfield.. it was easy to move around to stay cool and still watch the game.

Not nearly as engaged in the game as we normally are, but still a fun night out. My out-of-town friends were certainly impressed.

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